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Villa Kalua

Villa Kalua – The Exotic


Intimate, connected and bound by its namesake; Kalua – The Exotic. An indwelling that captures the very essence of all that is Bali. A sensory pleasure through every inch of the lush 2.2k sqm gardens that encapsulate a mesmerising cloverleaf pool. A carefree but composed experience; Kalua is affectionately looked upon as the younger sibling of our villa collection, but with bountiful character and charm, every moment here is designed to be shared between family and friends.

With rice paddy views providing serene and magical vibes, you may wish to keep this secret all to yourself; though the connection between villa Kalua and villa Ka is such that if more space were ever desired; consider a villa fusion for an event in which up to 27 guests may reside.

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